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How many costumes will the Dream Duffel hold?

The Large Dream Duffel will hold approximately 10 to 15 costumes.
The Medium Dream Duffel will hold approximately 6 to 9 costumes.
The Small Dream Duffel will hold approximately 1 to 5 costumes.

The Mini Dream Duffel will hold approximately 1 to 3 costumes.
The Carry-On Dream Duffel will hold approximately 1 to 3 costumes.

Can the Dream Duffel be customized for my child, studio, or organization?

Yes. Regular Black and Limited Edition Dream Duffels come with TWO blank patches (Located on the top flap of the Dream Duffel and on the back Folding Stool Pocket). Silver Edition Dream Duffels only come with ONE blank patch (Located on the back Folding Stool Pocket). If you would like both patches personalized, you will need to add 2 Patch Personalizations to your order.  Personalization is not available on the Carry-On Dream Duffel.

What is a Limited Edition Dream Duffel?

Limited Edition Dream Duffels are Dream Duffels that have the same functional features as a Black Dream Duffel, but also feature a color pattern printed on the exterior of the bag. Limited Edition patterns are just as they sound; limited. We carry each pattern in limited quantities and for a short period of time. Once we are sold out of a color/size/pattern we will not be getting more (unless otherwise stated on that product).

Are there logos on your shipping boxes?

Yes. Please be aware that our products are shipped in boxes that have our company logo printed on the outside. If purchasing as a gift, you may want to consider shipping to another address (friend, neighbor, or relative) to keep the gift a secret. If this is not an option, please make note of the gift in the 'Order Comments' section during checkout. We will do our best to help and cover up the logos on the box's exterior.

My duffel has lost or broken parts. Do you sell them?

Certainly! We sell replacement parts on our website and have tutorial videos to assist in any repairs. You can find all available replacement parts under 'Replacement Parts' in our main shopping menu.